Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When Bagpuss goes to sleep...

The sad death of Oliver Postgate was announced today. Need I say more than The Clangers, Bagpuss, Noggin the Nog (if you know that one, you are showing your age) and Ivor the Engine. I wonder what memories you have of these? I did love Ivor the Engine and his friend the dragon who lived in the firebox. I definitely loved the Clangers, even though they made very little sense, (but a little more than some kids tv these days!).

I have to say it caused me to feel a little sad that part of my childhood had gone with him. But even though little kids grow up, I guess part of us never does, (without any mention of pirates with hooks and crocodiles swallowing ticking clocks!) One girl that did grow up was Emily, you know, the one who loved the saggy old cloth cat, even though he was "a bit loose at the seams". I was amused to discover that Emily Firmin (below) is only a couple of years older than me - not sure that makes me feel older or not, but some things don't stand still! Whether or not we have kids to pass these things on to (or to tell us how old and out of touch we are), these kinds of memories are special because they are part of who we are; not so much the programmes themselves, but the situations in which and people with whom we watched them. So thank you Oliver for happy memories. RIP.

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